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Great Wedding Centerpieces


What are the dimensions? Approximately 7 1/2" height by 10 1/4" wide for scalloped base. Dimensions for the centerpiece WITHOUT scalloped base are 7 1/2" high by 7 1/2" wide.

How are they made? First the tin is punched out with one of our unique designs. The base is pressed to create the 1 1/2" scalloped edge and embossed with 3 circular imprints for holding votive candles and embossed with one imprint for holding the 20 oz candle in place. Then the cylinder shape and base are spot-welded together. It is painted with a powder coating process or custom paint.

Can I use my centerpiece outdoors? Yes! The powder coating paint process is good for indoor or outdoor use. 

What is soywax? Soywax is a cleaner and healthier way to enjoy candles. They are 100% all-natural soywax made from soybean and other vegetable products.

Are these centerpieces safe? Yes. The candles are in glass holders so wax won't spill out and the inside of the base is raised up 1/2" from the bottom.

Can I order SCENTED soywax candles instead? Yes, for an additional cost. Please inquire with email or phone call.

Can I buy my own votive candles? Yes. Any candle can be used as long as it is in a glass container.

Can I have a NEW custom design created for my event? Yes! There will be an additional cost for a template. Please call or email with details.

Can I have a CUSTOM color used? Yes! There will be an additional cost for paint. Please call or email with details.

How do I pay for them? Order online with Paypal or call to place an order with a major credit card.

How long to allow for delivery? 4-8 weeks from when the order is received.

Discount for wholesale? Yes, please contact us.

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