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Yvonne M. Cronin, owner of Twinkle Tin Designs, started the company in 2006 to fill a need for a unique centerpiece for family and friends. Inspired by them, Twinkle Tin Designs was established.  Yvonne is the designer of all the unique patterns used.  The candlelit design gives a warm ambiance to any surrounding. If you want to personalize yours, just add a ring of silk flowers, seashells, or whatever fits your desire!  As wedding centerpieces, your guests will cherish taking one home with them!  The piece is handcrafted and produced in beautiful New England.



Long-time friends and now business associates, Yvonne and Scott Trenholm have teamed up to create and produce unique products. 
They both share a passion for producing quality products for you to enjoy for many years!




We are proud to be in the following stores:

Valley Artisans Craft Cooperative
10 Goboro Road, Epsom, NH

Windham Junction Country Gift Shop and Kitchen
128 North Lowell Road, Windham, NH

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